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Gulin county is located at the southern edge of Sichuan Basin and the northern foot of Yunnan Guizhou Plateau. It is Peninsula shaped and embedded in northern Guizhou, bordering Xuyong in the west, and adjacent to Bijie, Jinsha, Renhuai, Xishui and Chishui counties (cities) in Guizhou in the southeast and North. Covering an area of 3184 square kilometers, the county governs 17 towns, 3 streets, 3 ethnic minority townships, 39 communities, 246 administrative villages, with a total population of 880000. There are 26 ethnic groups living in the territory, including Han, Miao, Yi, Hui, etc. it is one of the counties with a large population of scattered ethnic minorities in the province. The 25000 mile long march of the world-famous Chinese workers' and peasants' Red Army spanned 54 days in Gulin. Chairman Mao Zedong and other revolutionaries of the older generation commanded the famous four crossing Chishui battle here, and achieved a decisive victory in the strategic shift of the long march. Taipingdu, jiuxikou, erlangtan and caolianxi in Gulin are important ferries for the Red Army to cross Chishui for the second, third and fourth times; Baisha, YuCha, huilongchang and taipingdu were once the headquarters of the Red Army; The CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission issued a "letter to all red soldiers" in Baisha. Hundreds of workers' and peasants' children and young students in Gulin joined the Red Army and joined the great struggle of the Chinese revolution. The spirit of the long march has been inherited from generation to generation.


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